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For the past two years, Dr Gerrit Hoogenboom has served as editor of the journals Climate Research and The Journal of Agricultural Science, and he is the book review editor of the journal Agricultural Systems. He also is a member of the editorial boards for the Brazilian Journal of Agrometeorology and the International Journal of Plant Production.

A partial list of his most recent publication activity includes:

Abrahamson, D.A., D.E. Radcliffe, J.L. Steiner, M.L. Cabrera, D.M. Endale, and G.
Hoogenboom. 2006. Evaluation of the RZWQM for simulating tile drainage and leached nitrate in the Georgia Piedmont. Agronomy Journal 98(3):644-654.

Banterng, P., A. Patanothai, K. Pannangpetch, S. Jogloy, and G. Hoogenboom. 2006. Yield stability evaluation of peanut lines: a comparison of an experimental versus a simulation approach. Field Crops Research 96(1):168-175.

Dangthaisong, P., P. Banterng, S. Jogloy, N. Vorasoot, A. Patanothai, and G. Hoogenboom. 2006. Evaluation of the CSM-CROPGRO-Peanut model in simulating responses of two peanut cultivars to different moisture regimes. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 5(6):913- 922.

Fraisse, C.W., N.E. Breuer, D.Zierden, J.G. Bellow, J. Paz, V.E. Cabrera, A. Garcia y Garcia, K.T. Ingram, U. Hatch, G. Hoogenboom, J.W. Jones, and J.J. O’Brien. 2006. AgClimate: A climate forecast information system for agricultural risk management in the southeastern USA. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 53(1):13-27.

Garcia y Garcia, A., G. Hoogenboom, L.C. Guerra, J.O. Paz, and C.W. Fraisse. 2006. Analysis of the interannual variation of peanut yield in Georgia using a dynamic crop simulation model. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 49(6):2005-2015.

Greenwald, R., M.H. Bergin, J. Xu, D. Cohan, G. Hoogenboom, and W.L. Chameides. 2006. The influence of aerosols on crop production: A study using the CERES model. Agricultural Systems 89(2-3):390-413.

Heinemann, A.B., H.N. Maia, D. Dourado_Neto, K.T. Ingram, and G. Hoogenboom. 2006. Soybean (Glycine Max [L.] Merr.) growth and development response to CO2 enrichment under different temperature regimes. European Journal of Agronomy 24(1):52-61.

Jain, A., R.W. McClendon, and G. Hoogenboom. 2006. Freeze prediction for specific locations using artificial neural networks. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 49(6):1955-1962.

Ma, L., G. Hoogenboom, L. R. Ahuja, J.C. Ascough, and S.A. Saseendran. 2006. Development and evaluation of the RZWQM-CERES-Maize hybrid model for maize production. Agricultural Systems 87(3):274-295.

Smith, B.A., R.W. McClendon, and G. Hoogenboom. 2006. Improving air temperature
prediction with artificial neural networks. International Journal of Computational
Intelligence 3(3):179-186.

Zavareh, M., H.R. Mashhadi, G. Hoogenboom, R.T. Afshari, M.N. Mahallati, and F.
Sharifzadeh. 2006. Dry matter partitioning to sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) roots in
response to temperature and elevated CO2. Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Bannayan, M., K. Kobayashi,, H.Marashi, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Gene-based modeling for rice: An opportunity to enhance the simulation of rice growth and development? Journal of Theoretical Biology 249:593-605.

Boken, V.K., C. E. Haque, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Predicting drought using pattern recognition, Annals of the Arid Zone 46(2):133-144.

Bostick, W.M., V.B. Bado, A. Bationo, C.M.T. Soler, G. Hoogenboom, and J.W. Jones. 2007. Soil carbon dynamics and crop residue yields of cropping systems in the Northern Guinea Savannah of Burkina Faso. Soil and Tillage Research 93(1):138:151.

Gijsman, A.J., P.K. Thornton, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Using the WISE database to
parameterize soil inputs for crop simulation models. Computers and Electronics in
Agriculture 56:85-100.

Guerra, L.C., A. Garcia y Garcia, J.E. Hook, K.A. Harrison, D.L. Thomas, D.E. Stooksbury, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Irrigation water use estimates based on crop simulation models and kriging. Agricultural Water Management 89(3):199-207.

Herrero, M., E. Gonzalez-Estrada, P.K. Thornton, C. Quiros, M.M. Waithaka, R. Ruiz, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. IMPACT- Generic household-level databases and diagnostic tools for integrated crop-livestock analysis. Agricultural Systems 92 (1-3):240-265.

Lizaso, J.I. , K.J. Boote, C.M. Cherr, J.M.S. Scholberg, J.J. Casanova, J. Judge, J.W. Jones, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Developing a sweet corn simulation model to predict fresh market yield and quality of ears. American Journal of Horticultural Science 132(2):415- 422.

Paz, J.O., C.W. Fraisse, L.U. Hatch, A. Garcia y Garcia, L.C. Guerra, O. Uryasev, J.G. Bellow, J.W. Jones, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Development of an ENSO-based irrigation decision support tool for peanut production in the southeastern US. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 55(1):28-35.

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Saseendran, S.A., L. Ma, R. Malone, P. Heilman, L. R. Ahuja, R. S. Kanwar , D. L. Karlen, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Simulating management effects on crop production, tile drainage, and water quality using RZWQM-DSSAT. Geoderma 140:297-309.

Soler, C.M.T., G. Hoogenboom, P.C. Sentelhas, and A.P. Duarte. 2007. Growth analysis of maize grown off-season in a subtropical environment under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 193(4):247-261.

Soler, C.M.T., P.C. Sentelhas, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007 Application of the CSM-CERESMaize model for planting date evaluation and yield forecasting for maize grown offseason in a subtropical environment. European Journal of Agronomy 27(2-4):165-177.

Soltani, A., and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Assessing crop management options with crop simulation models based on generated weather data. Field Crops Research 103:198-207

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Suleiman, A..A., C.M.T. Soler, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007. Evaluation of FAO-56 crop
coefficient procedures for deficit irrigation management of cotton in a humid climate.
Agricultural Water Management 91(1-3):33-42.

Suriharn, B., A. Patanothai, K. Pannangpetch, S. Jogloy, and G. Hoogenboom. 2007.
Determination of cultivar coefficients of peanut lines for breeding applications of the
CSM-CROPGRO-Peanut model. Crop Science 47(2):607-619.

White, J.W., K.J. Boote, G. Hoogenboom, and P.G. Jones. 2007. Regression-based evaluation of ecophysiological models. Agronomy Journal 99(2):419-427.

Anothai, J., A. Patanothai, K. Pannangpetch, S. Jogloy, K.J. Boote, and G. Hoogenboom. 2008. Reduction in data collection for determination of cultivar coefficients for breeding applications. Agricultural Systems 96(1-3):195-206.

Anothai, J., A. Patanothai, S. Jogloy, K. Pannangpetch, K.J. Boote, and G. Hoogenboom. 2008. A sequential approach for determining the cultivar coefficients of peanut lines using endof- season data of crop performance trials. Field Crops Research 108:169-178.

Bannayan, M., and G. Hoogenboom. 2008. Predicting realizations of daily weather data for climate forecasts using the non-parametric nearest-neighbor re-sampling technique. International Journal of Climatology 28(10):1357-1368.

Bannayan, M., and G. Hoogenboom. 2008. Weather Analogue: A tool for lead time prediction of daily weather data realizations based on a modified k-Nearest Neighbor approach. Environmental Modeling 23(6):703-713.

Ben-Asher, J., A. Garcia y Garcia, and G. Hoogenboom. 2008. Effect of high temperature on photosynthesis and transpiration of sweet corn (Zea mays L. var. rugosa). Photosynthetica.46(4):595-603.

Boken, V.K., G. Hoogenboom, J.H. Williams, B. Diarra, S. Dione, and G.L. Easson. 2008. Monitoring peanut contamination in Mali (Africa) using AVHRR satellite data and a crop simulation model. International Journal of Remote Sensing 29(1):117-129.

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