Director, AgWeatherNet & Professor of Agrometeorolgy

Gerrit Hoogenboom, Ph.D.

Research Interests


Crop Modeling

Simulated Tomato Yields




Development of crop models that simulate growth, development and yield of  agricultural crops .






Development of the  Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT)   which includes crop simulation models, data base management programs, crop model application programs for tactical and strategic decision making, as well as yield forecasts.

Spatial Decision Support Engine Display


Studies on the effect of climate change on the crop yield, long-term predictions, application of GCM and crop model for different parts of the World





Development and management of  the  Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network : current weather conditions, historical data averages, climate information, models applications, assessment of crop-soil-atmosphere system status

Integration of GIS and crop simulation models for spatial analysis for regional crop yield estimation





"Fruits of Peace"


Gerrit Hoogenboom

Washington State University
24106 North Bunn Road
Prosser, Washington 99350-8694

509 786-9371
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509 786-9370

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DSSAT 2016 Crop Modeling Training Workshop


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